Bond University Rugby Newsletter 01/20
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2020 Rugby Season

The start of the rugby season is always an exciting time for everyone involved, as the players and coaches work hard to ensure we are match fit and ready for the first game of the season which this year is a home game on March 21st against Souths. Each year we strive to build on the achievements of the prior year, which in 2019 includes more than a dozen Bond Rugby players currently playing with the Reds Super Rugby, Reds Super W, Reds U20s, Reds Sevens (men and women), Reds Academy and Australian U20s (Junior Wallaby) squads.

Our focus has always been to ensure that we have a clear pathway for those seeking to make a career in rugby and, as an indication of our commitment to local community engagement, the Gold Coast Cyclone program now has a home at Bond University and access to elite facilities and coaching support at Bond. In this regard the Club is excited to have recruited some talented and well respected new Coaching staff, a number of quality players including Colts from local schools, QLD’s Country, interstate and beyond. We are again being involved in Coach and player development in the far North Coast of NSW region and are able to give those players an opportunity to improve and develop into the QLD state programs and beyond.

The Fabian Fay Clubhouse has proven to be a wonderful  'Meeting Place' for not only Bond University  Rugby but also the wider Rugby Community.  2019 included the Gold Coast Districts hold their Seniors and Juniors Grand Finals at our grounds. The Fabian Fay Clubhouse has proven to be a facility where we and the broader Gold Coast Community can celebrate past successes and develop the camaraderie required to conquer the future. 2020 trial games have been arranged the first against Easts at Bond University Rugby on February 15th; our coaching appointments as well as the strategic alliances are in place to provide the best care for our players on, and off the field.

I am sure you will share my enthusiasm when I say that the 2020 season promises to be very exciting and should be rewarding for both players, supporters and sponsors alike. We look forward to sharing all the good times with you again and, as a vital part of Bond University Rugby, we thank you once again for your continued support.

Dr Manny Pohl

President – Bond University Rugby



2020 is set to be an exciting year for Bond University Rugby. The playing squad has started the preseason - working hard to build their skills and fitness that will allow us to play the style of rugby that we want and that the players will enjoy. The club has seen many changes during the off season. Changes that have consolidated the club and established a platform for the long-term success of Bond University Rugby.

We have changed the way we do things, on and off the field. With the support of Garry Nucifora, Luca Liussi and my coaching team, we have empowered the players and instilled the core values of Loyalty, Family, and Success within the playing group. With many of our senior players returning for this season, and the edition of our new recruits, the positive feeling among the players is one I have rarely experienced during my time at Bond University Rugby.

For the first time the Club has had the foresight to engage the John Eales Rugby Excellence Scholarship to recruit a post graduate student. Joey Fittock has been a familiar face around the club for the past 3 seasons and is considered to be one of the best players in the competition. In addition to Joey we welcome other Scholarship players Wilson Blyth, Hamish Roberts, Zane Nonggorr and George Blake. The club also welcomes some changes among the coaching staff. Damon Virtue, previously Head Coach of Sunnybank 1st Grade and Brisbane City URC, has joined the club. Damon is an exceptional coach who embodies the values of Bond University Rugby. Jody Danagher steps up to join the senior coaching group after his successful involvement with our Colts 1 team. Jody’s appointment typifies the goals of the club in creating a pathway for people to progress within rugby. Spence Attoe also reunites with the club after having established himself as one of the top Schoolboy and pathway coaches on the Gold Coast. A special mention to Ray Thomas who again will be my assistant and coaching mentor.

Each season we strive to improve and 2020 is no different. The competition continues to get stronger which challenges us all to be better. I talk to our players about being a “Triple Impact Player” with the focus being on “How can I improve my club”, “How can I improve my team” and “How can I improve myself” - We welcome the support from all our Bond University Rugby supporters and I ask everyone to become a “Triple Impact Supporter”. Align yourself with the values of the playing group and if you are looking for a way to improve your club please contact Trish.

I look forward to seeing everyone at games and I am always available to chat about rugby!

Grant Anderson

Head Coach Bond University Rugby

Bond Sport


COLTS 1 2 & 3

This year will see us take on the Brisbane contingent with one of the strongest Colt groups in Bond University Rugby’s short 5-year history.

In Rugby, we all go on our different journey’s and a lot of our boys have been on different pathways to get to Bond. We have players go through TSS and play in the GPS competition, boys who have played in the some of the strongest teams in the APS ever, boys who played Senior Country Rugby as school boys on the far north coast and those who have come from Interstate to study and play rugby at Bond University.

Many of these boys have played together in junior representative programs and are now back together playing for Bond. I am excited that we are going to see the Gold Coast take on Brisbane at full strength.

Everything is in place for US to Succeed. We have made changes to our coaching staff to help guide us through the season, engaged the Staff from the Bond University High Performance Centre to prepare us for the assault and joined with the Sports Science faculty to give us no excuse to fail.

Bond University Rugby program are always looking for ways to improve our performance on the field and develop young men off the field. We have involved the services of an organisation called leading teams who are implementing an off-field program which will develop trademarks for us to live by on and off the field.

We also congratulate 7 of our Colts players who have made the Australian Under 20’s
Squad for 2020:


Spencer Jeans

Jack Winchester

Tyrell Kopua

Rhian Stowers

Reno Gerrard

Zane Nonggor

Dion Samuela

See you all at the Canal soon.

Brenden Jones
Head Coach, Colts Program Director

Manager, Schools and Community

Bond University Rugbytek Program



Bond Rugby's Pre Season started back in November 2019.  We have had lots of hurdles to jump over, especially with fields being closed for maintenance.  The boys have been following us around the extremities of their home ground, training at the High Performance Centre with Glenn and Rick, and then jumping in cars to head to Raptor Fields for onfield hit outs and bulletproofing with Trish, finally arriving back to The Canal in January in 2020.

The attendances and efforts put in by players and staff in the Gym and on the Field has been inspirational.  If this is anything to go off, 2020 is shaping up to be an exciting year.

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