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Bond Sport Newsletter | November and December 2019
Message from the Executive Director of Sport
Garry Nucifora, Executive Director of Sport

Bond Sport has enjoyed a stellar 2019 with student-athletes enjoying success in team and individual pursuits across an extensive array of sports. This success has occurred at state, national and international levels. The strong edu-sport ethos of Bond University sees our athletes shine as much in their academic pursuits as their outstanding achievements in their sport. An interesting dashboard following in this edition highlights these achievements.

This edition of the Bull Shark provides readers with an excellent insight into the recent efforts of a few of our tremendous student-athletes and teams.

A few notable mentions are however…

In Netball, Bond University launched its campaign in the inaugural Sapphire and Ruby series which replaced the former State Netball format. The Sapphire team played semi-finals and the Ruby team played well yet missed semi-finals by a whisker!

Bond has been instrumental in driving a PAC 8 Tennis tournament in readiness for March 2020. This will be the first east coast driven university Tennis event involving eight tennis playing universities of Australia. Interest and support has been very high.

Premierships in men and women’s AFL were 2019 highlights with our AFL program showing signs of greater growth and success for 2020.

The incorporation of professional sport leadership organisation, Leading Teams, has offered our Directors, Head Coaches and Senior Athlete leaders a significant value-add. This has been a very successful initiative.

Bond’s swimmers have competed with distinction in the inaugural International Swim League where the best swimmers in the world now vie for prize money and prestige on the eve of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics next year. The recent feats of Minna Atherton are note-worthy. (Read more below)

At the time of writing, we await the final University Nationals placing for the year. Early signs suggest Bond will enjoy an overall top 15 finish in the 43 University field. Top 10 finishes remain the annual target!

An outstanding selection of 2020 scholarship recipients have been awarded prestigious sporting scholarships. All will be presented at a special Blues Awards Ceremony on February 20 next year…the final event of Bond’s 30 Year Anniversary celebrations!

I wish to convey heartfelt appreciation to the directors, coaches, volunteers, student-athletes and the (now) significant departments and offices of the university who support Bond Sport and who enjoy the benefits sport brings to the campus.

I especially recognise the support of the Vice-Chancellor and senior leadership colleagues along with our sponsors and scholarship donors for their interest and support of what is widely acclaimed as one of Australia’s best university programs.

Please enjoy reading our final edition of the year and accept, on behalf of the Bond Sport team, the compliments of the festive season.

Garry Nucifora
Executive Director of Sport

Bond Sport in the News
Minna Atherton
Bondy breaks world swimming record

Bond University swimmer, Minna Atherton, has set a new world record and cemented herself as a gold medal contender for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

The Georgina Hope Rinehart Swimming Excellence Scholarship student became the first woman in history to break the 55 second barrier in the 100m backstroke short-course event.

Atherton asserted herself as one of the premier swimmers on the planet, claiming the 50, 100 and 200m treble – including the world record – at the International Swimming League in Budapest.

Isabelle Mason. Photo by Cavan Flynn
Bright future in sight for Bond's newest swimming star
Laura Taylor
Laura Taylor ready to fly again
Joey Fittock and Wilson Blyth, 2020 Recipients of the John Eales Rugby Excellence Schoarship
Two talented players awarded John Eales Rugby Excellence Scholarships
Laura Attard. Photo by Cavan Flynn
Unfinished business at top level