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Dear Charles,

In this special edition of Bond University Right Now see the recently launched Transformer program and space which is now open to all current Bond students from this semester.

Transformer is an Australian-first program aimed at teaching students big-picture thinking, creative problem-solving and evidence-based decision-making so students can make a real difference in the community, their own business or an existing one.

This fee-free co-curricular program is designed to encourage exploration, enable innovation and enhance each student’s entrepreneurial skills, no matter what degree they are studying.

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What is The Transformer?

Transformer provides an opportunity for students to work on a project of their own choosing, managing the process through the key stages from initial concept to implementation. Do your students see a problem that needs to be solved? Is there a better way of doing something? Do your students want to make changes? Do they have a great idea for a new app, product or process? It could relate to social welfare, environmental issues, economic improvements, technology, health, sport, art, law – any project, big or small. Watch here to learn more about the Transformer

Working independently or in teams, students have the option of progressing through one, two or all three stages of:
  1. Inspiration - where students will identify and define their concept, researching the core issues and existing solutions with a key emphasis on understanding potential users
  2. Exploration - where students will generate and trial a range of possible solutions to develop a practical methodology based on real-life feedback
  3. Transformation - where students will develop a detailed plan for implementation and secure the required resources

What will students learn?

Transformer is all about turning ideas into reality, solving problems, effecting change. The world’s most successful entrepreneurs know that change doesn’t happen by accident. It’s a process, a negotiation, a way of thinking … and it can be learnt. Along the way, students build key employability skills – communication, leadership, entrepreneurship, teamwork – that they can apply to every aspect of their life.

Students will also learn how to: Think big, be creative, problem solve, focus on solutions, make confident, evidence-based decisions, be a team player – as a leader and a contributor, work independently, set their own goals and timelines, engage with academics, industry experts, stakeholders and potential end-users, project manage and take calculated risks.

Transformer hub

Opened in May 2017, Bond Business School’s new state-of-the-art facilities incorporate a dynamic co-working space, dedicated to the Transformer program. Designed around the concept of ‘accelerated serendipity’, it features a series of zones where chance encounters transform into productive discussions, brainstorming sessions and planning meetings.

Offering 24/7 access for Transformer students from all over the university, it provides the ideal setting to meet, interact and collaborate with academics, industry mentors, team members and like-minded classmates who can help you take your project to the next level.